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Footballers with University Degrees

10. Nedum Onuoha:

The outstanding right back for Queens Park Rangers, Nedum Onuoha doesn’t really hold a degree to speak of, yet has eight grade ‘A’s’ and two ‘B’s’ at GCSE. He went on to completed his higher studies at Xaverian College in Manchester where he further managed to achieve three ‘A’ grades at A-level in Maths, Business Studies and IT before he rejected a career in medicine in favor of football.

Nedum Onuoha - Highly Educated Footballers in the World

9. Clarke Carlisle:

The famous English defender who is a threat to the opponents when he comes up to deliver set pieces, Clarke Carlisle has ten A-grades at GCSE. He has studied A-level maths and politics and also is known to have a degree in Professional Sports Writing and Broadcasting to his name. After retiring from football, Carlisle is rumored to take up a career in teaching.

8. Shaka Hislop:

The former Newcastle United goalkeeper, Shaka Hislop was part of Newcastle United team that finished penultimate in Premier League in two successive seasons. Presently workings as a soccer commentator with ESPN, Hislop is known to have a honors degree in mechanical engineering from Howard University. Hislop has also been an intern with NASA.

Shaka Hislop - Highly Educated Footballers in the World

7. Iain Dowie:

Former Southampton, Crystal Palace and West Ham United footballer turned manager and sports television pundit, Iain Dowie is also known for his education beyond his football skills. Iain is known to have graduated with a Master’s degree in engineering from Southampton University. He is also known to have worked with British Aerospace.

Iain Dowie - Highly Educated Footballers in the World

6. Graeme Le Saux:

The stylish former Chelsea left back, Graeme Le Saux is currently registered with non-league club Wembley FC. Mocked by many as homosexual, Le Saux is happily married with two children. He has been known for reading The Guardian and to have attained a degree in Environmental Studies.

Graeme Le Saux - Highly Educated Footballers in the World

5. Steve Coppell:

The renowned English right winger and former Manchester United footballer, Steve Coppell gave up on his career after knee injury and went into management. The astute manager has managed teams like Manchester City and Crystal Palace. Steve is known to have a degree in economics from the University of Liverpool.

Steve Coppell - Highly Educated Footballers in the World

4. Barry Horne:

Former Welsh professional and Everton footballer, Barry Horne is well known name amid Welsh football fanatics. Besides being a football profession, Barry has a first-class degree in Chemistry from the University of Liverpool. Barry is presently teaching chemistry and physics in Kings School in Chester, and is also the football director there.

Barry Horne - Highly Educated Footballers in the World

3. David Wetherall:

Former English and Bradford City central defender, David Wetherall, is perhaps the only footballer to have had his fans pay him tribute for his academic skills. David, who has a first-class honors degree in Chemistry from Sheffield University, received a heartening tribute from Bradford City fans that turned out in lab coats to watch the club’s game against Rochdale.

David Wetherall - Highly Educated Footballers in the World

2. Frank Lampard:

The English and Chelsea attacking midfielder, Frank Lampard is well known among fans as one of the best midfielders of his generation for work rate, accurate passing and goal scoring prowess. What we all don’t know about Lampard is that he was a student at the prestigious Brentwood School where along with 11 GCSEs he also got an A in Latin. He is known as “The Professor” by his Chelsea teammates as he scored above the national average IQ in a test conducted on the team.

Frank Lampard - Highly Educated Footballers in the World

1. Socrates:

Considered as one of the best footballer and also the most intelligent footballer, Socrates was a Brazilian attacking midfielder, who captained one of the all-time great Brazilian squad. Besides his amazing play-making skills and understanding of the game, Socrates was known to be a qualified doctor with another doctorate degree in Philosophy.

Socrates - Highly Educated Footballers in the World

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