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2018 World Cup: FIFA Pays NFF $2m Advance Money

The Nigeria Football Federation is to be given a $2m advance by FIFA towards the preparations of the Super Eagles for the Russia 2018 World Cup next month.

The world football body will also give other four African football federations a $ 2 m advance each to pay player bonuses before the tournament.

The Confederation of African Football says the agreement for Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal and Tunisia will help “settle beforehand the question of bonuses.”

The 32 federations sending teams to the World Cup get $1.5 m each from FIFA to prepare, plus at least $8 million in prize money after the tournament. The winners get $38m.

Money disputes at previous World Cups “ affected badly the image of African football, with a considerable impact on team performances,” CAF said.

At the 2014 World Cup, Cameroon arrived late, Ghana’s government had to fly in $3m cash to avert a strike and Nigeria players cancelled a team practice, according to AP.

According to a report on the CAF official website, the decision comes on the heels of negotiations initiated byCAF president Ahmad with the FIFA administration, leading to the exceptional agreement granted on April 12.

This follows a decision by the CAF Emergency Committee on December 1 and ratified by the CAF Executive Committee on January 10.

The meeting had agreed on providingexceptional financial support to the five African representatives towards their preparations for the impending tournament in Russia.

“This agreement, for an advance on the financial allocation by FIFA, aims to allow representatives at World Cups to have a harmonious preparation.

“It will also help to settle beforehand the question of bonuses due to the players, which in the previous editions of the competitions has led to situations which affected badly the image of African football, with a considerable impact on team performances,” Ahmad said.

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