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High Performance Sport
The program is developed and implemented in collaboration with the Institute of Physical Education, Sport and Youth Policy
Duration of study: 2 years
Direction: Physical Culture and Sports
Subject: Sport
Code: 49.04.03
Credits: 120 ECTS
Language of instruction: English
Partner university: Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla(UPAEP)
Entry requirements: 4-year Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent).
Head of the program: Prof. Sergey Novakovsky, Doctor of Education, Meritorious Physical Culture Worker, Honored Trainer of Russia, Olympic referee
Program goal: The core of the program began to form in 2000, and starting from 2012 it has been implemented at Ural Federal University. Today the program boasts its worldwide known graduates such as Olympic medalists Ivan Alypov, Irina Khabarova, Ilya Markov and Valentina Ogienko.
The program was designed to train coaches highly skilled and experienced in athlete performance assessment and training programs development and management.
Research Methodology:
• History And Methodology In Sports Research
• Current Problems In Sport Sciences
• Sports Information Technologies
Professional Communication:
• Foreign Language (Part 1)
• Business Correspondence
Introduction to High Performance Sport:
• Anatomy And Physiology In Sport
• Biomechanics And Movement Analysis In Sport
• Sports Training Technologies
• Strength And Conditioning (Part 1)
Co-Factors of High Performance Sport:
• Non-Training Factors In Sport
• Psychology Of Coaching
• Selection And Orientation In Sport
Research Activities
High Performance Sport Sciences:
• Sports Training Technologies
• Strength And Conditioning (Part 2)
• Medical Support In Training And Competitive Activities
Professional Culture:
• Foreign Language (Part 2)
• Olympic Sport Ethics And Culture
Practical work and Research
Master Thesis
Final examination: Oral examination and Master’s thesis defense
Program highlights:
• Highly practical focus of the studies
• Teaching provided by the experts working in the fields of sport management
• Vast infrastructure for study, research and sport activities offered by the university
Career opportunities:
This program graduates will be qualified to coach top-level and elite athletes, as well as for careers in such areas as sport program coordination, coaching in elite sports, in clubs and universities, public and private sports organizations.
Price: 4035 USD per year*
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