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Aba-made jerseys please!

en Bruce is right. There is absolutely no reason why our Super Eagles Jersey shouldn’t have been made in Aba. We have a multitude of talented designers who could have designed it. We also have the tailors to sew it. Although NIKE is an American global brand, the shirts were made in Thailand, another Third World country. Most probably, the tailors used machines made in China. So what are we talking about? The NIKE brand name is the reason we are forced to pay N40,000 for each of the shirts. What this means is that we are enriching an American brand instead of empowering our own people! The high price tag also means a lot of football loving Nigerians will not be able to wear an authentic Super Eagles jersey to show their support for the national team. When the national team jersey sells for more than twice the minimum wage, something is terribly wrong somewhere! And I am absolutely ashamed of this international embarrassment.

Senator Ben Bruce had tweeted
“Just imagine if those 3 million Nigerian Super Eagles jerseys were made by a firm in Aba rather than NIKE. Aba tailors have the capacity to produce them. We just lost an opportunity to infuse at least $100 million into the Nigerian economy and provide jobs for our youths”.

There are many reactions to the tweet. Some deride our local tailors, saying they are not reliable and would most probably not get the jerseys ready on time. Some say the quality would be very poor and the jerseys would be torn at the slightest tug! This is where the essence of branding comes in. We are not paying N40,000 for each of the Super Eagles jersey because it’s not possible to tear them. No. We are paying for the NIKE brand name.

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