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We are eager to give you best Education and Sports.

SportandStudy is a web portal designed to promote (Education Through Sport). The team behind the website have had years’ of experience in the sporting world, and have covered different aspects from playing to managing players careers. We all know how difficult it is for an African athlete to make it to the top, or manage success, not only does it take a great amount of dedication and talent but it also depends on how enlightened large they , not to mention how educated they are.

The right education is critical for athletes to maintain their wealth, but unfortunately, many athletes have little to no experience handling millions of dollars and, due to their lack of knowledge, make poor financial decisions. Education gives the athlete perspective and realisation that there is more to the world than performance and in doing so, can reduce the pressure, and the importance of every shot or every pass, making it more enjoyable and easier to perform.

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