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Attend European Tournament and Trial Matches This Summer

Attend European Tournament and Trial Matches This Summer

If you or someone you know are looking to play professional football in Europe then look no further. We are offering young/skillful players the opportunity to showcase their talent and compete before European teams, football agents scouts and scouting network which covers a huge network of clubs/academies in Europe.

After the tournament, players are also required to feature in training sessions, and play trial matches allowing the coaching team to assess them with opportunity to sign professional/ semi-professional contracts with clubs or join an academy.

Registration details

1. €500 ( N 206,000) covers your registration with the team, accommodation, breakfast and transportation.
2. N90,000 for visa fee and documentation
3. N350,000 for flight ticket
4. N60,000 miscellaneous which is optional
5. Total : N700,000

Note. We do not collect money online, rather you will come to our office with a lawyer or your manager before making payment or signing any document.

Career Benefits

1. Participate in a tournament with over 48 European teams.
2. Be seen by European coaches, scouts and football agents.
3. Participate in trial games for scouting purpose.
4. Opportunity to sign professional contract or join an academy
5. Enhanced football profile with matches transmitted live on YouTube.
6. Networking with foreign players
7. Training session time where the coach puts you through a top quality pro club style football training session to allow multiple scouts to assess your game

Scouted players receive introductions to the scout who has requested their details. We are committed to ensuring you get an initial contact with the scout to discuss their plans for you. If you are unsuccessful, clubs may invite you to join their development center to help bridge the gap from youth football to academy football.

Registration deadline: March 15, 2019

To register

Visit SportandStudy at
i172, Road 5, Ikota shopping complex, VGC, Lagos.
Tel 2348034383061
Whatsapp 2348083739204
Email. info@sportandstudy.org

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  • by Lucky Chionye chidozie Posted March 3, 2019 7:52 pm

    Pls I really need too

  • by administrator Posted March 4, 2019 9:10 am

    Dear Chidozie, if you need it call our office line, and possibly come to the office with your sponsor to commence the registration. thank you

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