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Average salaries from major world football leagues revealed

The average salaries from various major football leagues around the world have been revealed, and big surprise the Premier League ranks number one on the list by quite some distance.

In the Premier League, footballers on average earn close to £2.3million a year each, thats works out to about £43,717 a week each on average. I wouldn’t mind that kind of money as a year salary let alone a weekly one.

It’s when you see numbers like that, that you can fully understand why fans in England are unhappy. Tickets to matches are expensive and moved about at a moments notice to inconvenient times for travelling fans just for the benefit of the TV broadcasters. And speaking of the TV companies, fans have to pay rather high subscriptions fees to both Sky and BT if they want to watch all the action on TV. And they wonder why people are getting fed up?

I was surprised to see that La Liga came in at fourth, behind both the Bundesliga in second and Serie A in third. In La Liga footballers earn on average a little over £1.2million a year each, or £23,327 a week.

The average annual salary in the Bundesliga is just under £1.5million with a weekly average of £28,011 while in Serie A its just over £1.3million a year or £25.263 a week.

There isn’t too much difference between the Bundesliga, Serie A, and La Liga in terms of salaries for footballers, but in the Premier League a player can earn close to an extra million a year. Well you can see why so many players are desperate to play here.

Perhaps what is more worrying is the fact the English Championship makes it into the top ten, placing at number eight between France’s Ligue 1 (fifth), the Russian Premier League (sixth), and Brazil’s Campeonato Serie A (seventh).

That puts the Championship above leagues like the Dutch Eredivisie, Swiss Super League, and Turkish Super Lig. Although the reason why the Championship is so high might be because three teams from the Premier League are relegated to it each year.

One thing is clear though, English football is paying too much on its footballers.

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