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Best football academies in Nigeria in 2020



What are the most popular football academies in Nigeria in 2019? Where can you begin your soccer career as a child or a teenager? Let us look at the top and best organizations that teach little citizens of our country how to master the world’s most popular game. It is a unique chance to change their future for a better possibility.


In this post, we will talk about such excellent organizations as Midas, Barcelona, Pepsi, Kwara, and other football academies that are available within Nigeria this year. You will also learn about the Chelsea football academy and some other educational companies.


Football academies in Nigeria


Some parents still don’t know anything about the unique opportunity they get once they choose to join a football academy. It is a significant step to let their child start building a successful career in big sports. Everything begins with the best organization that can discover the young talent and help it to develop and grow.

Our country boasts many famous footballers whose career began in one of the best football academies in Nigeria. Such clubs have led them to the hall of fame along with impressive salaries, endorsement deals, and big ad campaigns that followed.


Join football academy with our top list

Before we list the best football academies in Nigeria in 2020, we should note that the number of such organizations is pretty high. The top companies can be a bit expensive, but you can easily search for smaller clubs that are affordable and can teach you how to play the ball game.


  1. Pepsi Football Academy

The incredible John Mikel Obi who is believed to be the wealthiest Nigerian footballer (according to his net worth is up to 60 million U.S. dollars) studied here. And he is not the only superstar of the Pepsi club. This organization saw the incredible progress of such impressive players as Echiabhi Okodugha and Joseph Aklapa, to name a few.

It is one of the best schools in the football industry that can be found in our country. It exists since the 1990s. It has helped many boys and girls to turn their hobby into a job. By the way, not only our citizens study here. The place is well known all across Africa.

If you are 5-16 years old, you can ask your parents to take you to one of the centres to join.


  1. Barcelona Football Academy in Nigeria

It is another famous school that is eager to teach you how to play the best ball game in the world. You have to be at least 5 years old or up to 18 years old.

The organization’s name gets a long abbreviation. It sounds like FCB ESCOLA. Those kids who live in Lagos should study here if they possess any football skills or talents. You can get more details about the centre and its training system on the

company’s website.


  1. Midas Football Academy

This academy is another famous school for potential football stars. It can be an exciting place to discover your talent, learn new skills and prove that you can become a formidable player not just in Nigeria or Africa, but all over the world.

The most promising kids can get into the professional soccer spirit because the school often takes part in different tournaments across our country and even outside Nigeria.

By the way, you can find all the details about becoming a part of MFA (this is how the organization is abbreviated) at its official site.


  1. Chelsea Football Academy in Nigeria

Do you have plans to play soccer professionally? It means that you must dream about joining the famous Chelsea school. However, it is located in London (the UK).

Is there a club in our country that belongs to this popular brand? There was news back in 2012 about Chelsea having plans to launch its own soccer academy for our citizens. According to

nigerianbestforum.com, people from different corners of all the 36 states were more than happy to hear that information. It sounded more like a temporary camp though. And it looks like you still have to travel to London in 2020 if you want to join the official Chelsea soccer school for girls or boys.


  1. Kwara FA

This promising organization is shortly called KFA. Young Nigerian families from Kwara state know it pretty well ever since it was formed 14 years ago, back in 2005.

Kwara club is owned by the government of the state. It can be a good choice for boys who are from 10 to 20 years old. Why? Because this organization works as both the school and the training facility. In other words, you can study and at the same time improve your football skills and develop your talents.

The organization currently trains about 150 citizens. You can easily find more information about Kwara FA and learn how to join the football academy at its official portal.


  1. Papilo Football Academy

It is another good school that was founded 18 years ago, back in 2001. Shortly called PNKFA, this organization belongs to the famous player. His name is Nwankwo Kanu. Do you do know him?

The coaches are outstanding here. Students who sign in for courses can expect to develop their talents and become a real professional. Maybe you can be just as lucky as Stanley Okoro or Joel Obi?

This organization has a group on Facebook so that you can contact the academy there.


  1. Abuja College of Football

This educational institution was created seven years ago, in 2012. Gabriele Volpi stands behind the idea of such a school for talented boys from all over the country.

This college is located in Abuja, but it also has its departments in Lagos, Onne, and Warri. In other words, it is open to students from different cities in Nigeria. Thus, if you are talented, you can enter this alma mater to develop your soccer skills. It will be a good opportunity to dive into this sport completely. It is a great chance, isn’t it? Being a student of this Football College can give you a chance to play for the college team and participate in numerous tournaments.

You can visit the official college’s portal if you wish to get all the details that might interest you.


  1. Siaone Soccer Academy

This place is also one of the best soccer schools in our country. Shortly called SSA, this educational institution is located in Abuja. The famous Super Eagles’ coach founded it. Have you ever heard of Samson Siasia?

Young people who love to play with the ball and can score should develop their talents here. This educational facility has professional coaches. And its teams participate in matches all across our territories and in international states.

The organization has its site so you can find the necessary info there.


  1. Edusko Sports Academy

You can choose this place if you have plans to study for six years. Edusko was established by a well-known footballer Chief Segun Odegbami in 2007. It is currently one of the best soccer and sports academies. It welcomes talented youth from different corners of Nigeria.

This educational institution focuses on different sports, including football. In addition to this discipline, students can choose to study tennis, basketball or take other courses. Since Edusko has its own portal at edusko.com, you are highly advised to get more information about its opportunities.


  1. Little Tigers FC

Little kids who have turned three years old and love ball games can enter the Little Tigers FC. This club also welcomes children who are up to 15 years old. It organizes fun soccer-themed parties, camps, training and friendly competitions between teams.

If you love soccer you should visit the website of Little Tigers. Here you will learn more about all the unique chances for your child.

P.S. We have listed only 10 best football academies in Nigeria that open their doors to all young talents in 2019. But there are many more clubs you can find. Search in your state and city. We are sure that there is an affordable soccer school somewhere near you.



Written by: Lawson Victor

Source: Legit.ng


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