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Teachers must acknowledge the importance of sports for students. It is time to not consider sports as a pass time. If you haven’t known reasons, we will list them for you;

PHYSICAL FITNESS: fitness is the most important way to live healthily. Exercising must be included in improving fitness. It helps a body grow and groom properly.

TEAM SPIRIT: getting into sports helps students acknowledge teamwork. They learn how to form teams and work for each other.

CONFIDENCE: sports help build personality. When you have a personality you become confident about yourself.

DECISION MAKING: during sports, they need to make spontaneous moves. Students start making better decisions and prompt.

MENTAL STRENGTH: every sport needs mental strength with physical strength. If you don’t know your next move, you don’t know the game.

CONSTRUCTIVE USE OF TIME: students should not only have pressure to study. They must have ways to vent out their pressure. Sports are the best alternative actions when not studying. They don’t waste your time but improve your overall wellbeing.

EXPLORING INTEREST: sports let students explore their extracurricular interests. Some of them might want to shape their career out of it. It is important to give them that opportunity.

HEALTH: regular exercise improves bone and muscle health in children. They also sleep better and have fewer chances of obesity or Type 2 diabetes.

SOCIAL WELLBEING: sports will help children have better self-esteem and social skills. Students tend to become more positive and take challenges.


We strongly believe and hope that the reasons above have triggered the importance of sports. It is time you know how you can help students get into sports. Following are the steps to take for encouraging them:

1st Step

Ask students about the sports that interest them. Consider if that is ok to start with according to the and physical ability. If you force a student into a sport they don’t like, it would not yield good an outcome.

2nd Step 

Once you’ve known the sport that they like, find affordable ways to make it available. If there are numerous students, you can opt for a sport that goes with the majority.

3rd Step

Consider the steps it would take to let them play. Balance it with studying and try to keep at par. One must not overlap the other.

4th Step

Get the necessary equipment for learning. Ensure successful participation with safety. You must consider making their working condition healthy and free from injuries.

5th Steps

As a teacher, you must volunteer and lead. It will drive the students more into learning and practising. They like to see that their teachers are supporting their skill.

6th Step

You must also boost the morale of the children. When they are to a subject, they have chances to fail. Help them encourage when they fail. Remind them that they can try harder and excel.

7th Step

There will also be students who are good at sports. You should motivate them to work harder and reach maximum potential. Explain teamwork and how they can improve their fellow mates.

8th Step

Support a student when he doesn’t succeed in the sport. Not everybody is meant for everything. Someone might be good at art and not sports. However, encouraging basic fitness is essential.

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