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Preliminary Football Trials in Moscow

Talented football players have the chance to attend preliminary trials to secure the opportunity to play in the championships of Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Poland, and Germany!

In order to get into the above mentioned football championships, we conduct Preliminary Football Trials in Moscow. After this, selected football players will travel from Moscow to the above-mentioned championships for specific trials with interested professional clubs.

Step 1. Register

In order to come to Moscow for the Preliminary Trial Program, the following is necessary from you:

• A preview of your Soccer Résumé/CV
• Copy of international passport.
• Payment of $500 for Official Russian Invitation for One year

After registering your application with the Russian Interior Ministry, each player will be sent an Invitation Letter after four weeks. Then, you can go to the Russian Embassy in Abuja to process your visa.

Step 2. Preliminary Trials in Moscow

After your arrival in Moscow, we will arranged Trial Program in Moscow. Any player that failed the trial will be encouraged to stay back in Moscow to continue training program to aid his development.

Step 3. Direct Trials with Championship Clubs

Players that pass the Preliminary Trials in Moscow are recommended to Championship Clubs in Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Poland, and Germany for Direct Trials with the Club, if they are successful, Club offer them Professional or Semi-Professional Contracts.

Important Note

• Payments are made in our assigned/licensed representative office in the presence of our lawyer and players representative.
• For players that passes the preliminary Trials in Moscow, It is in Moscow that the management further process visas for the football players to attend Direct Trials with the assigned clubs in other European Country.
• Football players cover all expenses, and pay for themselves (Invitation Letter, Visa, Flight ticket, Accommodation, Meals).
• Players can budget between $450 to $600 each month. It covers Agency Fee, Accommodation, Feeding and Transportation.
• Because of our previous experience working with players that run away on arrival in Moscow, or some that arrives in Moscow and start giving excuses of payment, players are henceforth required to make payment for their initial three months stay before departing Nigeria. Also, players are required to bring a guarantor to our representative office to sign an undertaken that’s backed by the law.

4 Comment(s)

  • by Udowelle maduabuchi christian Posted September 30, 2019 9:04 pm

    My name Christian I a football from Nigeria I will love to join you team in football trials I have a CV

  • by Alaa Gamal Posted October 12, 2019 3:06 pm

    hello i am a student in moscow and i was searching for club or academy or trials or anything to play in i was playing in Egypt but i don’t have videos or something because there no one record for young players all i need that a chance to join for anything here in moscow

    • by Victor Lawson Posted January 27, 2020 12:52 pm

      Ok, call this number +234-803-4383-061

  • by ABBAS DAHIRU Posted January 22, 2020 10:02 am

    I love the academy since an i will give my contrubution to them i need to help me to achieve my dream thanks

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