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As the saying in English goes, “All work and Play makes Jack a Dull boy”. It has been forgotten that academic learning and sports education complement each other. They resemble the two sides of the same coin. If sports education is carried out accompanied by the academic curriculum, the overall personality of the student is increased to quite an extent. The qualities of leadership, sharing, team spirit a tolerance are learned from sports.


Sports education not only teaches the students to maintain physical stamina, but also the habits of obedience, discipline, determination, willpower, etc. The power of reasoning, men’s development, vocational specialization come from the academic education of the students therefore, sports education along with academics results in the all-round development of the students.


Nowadays the system of education makes students stress more on their mental development and completely rejects the physical activities. The overall outcome of this is that the developing groups of graduates and professionals have our bodies and poor physique. The curriculum should include sports, games and physical health education for the all-round development of students.


Sports education should be introduced in schools and colleges with complete sincerity. It justifies the statement, “a sound mind resides in a sound body”. A healthy and strong body is not possible without sports and physical activities


A good sportsman always learns to obey the rules of the games and the comments of the superiors. It also teaches them leadership qualities, maintaining teamwork and displays team spirit. Sports education trains the students to face defeat with a smile and maintain humility even in victory. It is the healthiest means of refreshments and recreation.


Any person good in one walk of life automatically gains confidence in others. So if one is good at sports, it follows that their confidence will switch over to academics as well. With confidence in their side, they are motivated to give their best.


Sports Entrepreneurship Management has become very important in today’s age. With sports being introduced in educational curriculum managing it has become a very important aspect. Various companies like IMG, Octagon, RCS Sport help the educational institutions manage sports-related activities.


With the advent of leagues for various sports like basketball, football, hockey, and cricket the money earning capacity for sports people has considerably increased along with making life easier for them. It has also opened new avenues for livelihood for people not only in but across the globe.


Sports release feel-good endorphin which elevates the mood. A good mood is conducive to performing well in other fields because there is peace of mind that allows greater concentration Sports acts as a great outlet for frustrations of any kind.


Sports education thus should be taken up on the war footing at schools, colleges, and educational institutions for the all-round development of the person which will help them immensely in the lives ahead.


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