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The opposition view: Manchester Utd

The red halves of Manchester and Surrey woke up with a smile on their faces this morning following yesterday afternoon’s capitulation by Slaven Bilic’s benevolent Hammers.

And for this week’s OV, we delved into the Red Cafe forum to see what the Mancs made of their victory…

“As enjoyable a home win I can remember since 2013. And for the first time really since then, it seems like everyone in the team knows exactly what their job is, and are in the position best suited to them performing that job to the best of their ability.”
– 2cents

“Very enjoyable win. It was a really powerful performance. The team controlled the game from start to finish and apart from a couple of scrambles, West Ham never looked any kind of threat. But, I’m not quite as positive as everyone else here. My biggest worry with this United team is the inability to break down a defence sitting deep. Even though West Ham defended in numbers, the first 2 goals were scored on the counter attack and from a set piece. There weren’t a lot of other chances created until West Ham started chasing the game. Otherwise, it was a fantastic performance.”

“4-0-take that West Ham you horrible football club. Lukaku scoring 2 goals was pretty satisfying. Good to see Pogba get on the score sheet, games like this are where he should be scoring more. West Hams away jersey looks shite and like a training kit. We looked like we had the benefit of a proper pre-season, West Ham still looked like there were on their summer holidays at times. Hernandez was the only one trying it seemed.”
– Robertd0803

“First observation: Chelsea have done us almost as big a favour selling Matic to us as Wenger did with RvP! I always knew he was good but he was an absolute monster. Hope he can keep it up. The opening 15 minutes didn’t seem much different from last season but once we started actually passing the ball forward we looked so much better. It may of course be that West Ham were awful. Overall, very good. Now we need to show it wasn’t a one-off. Roll on Saturday.”
– mitchmouse

“I don’t know if anyone else thought this, we started looking a bit tired around the 60-65 minute mark.West Ham did too. Poor old Zabeleta was run ragged by Rashford and then Martial was brought on to finish him off. He must have been dizzy going back into the dressing room. But you just think, he’s an old dog, it won’t be so easy for Rashford against a younger, fitter LB.”
– Green_Red

“I’m wary of reading too much into the first game of the season, especially one against a West Ham side short of a few key players. But that said, the lowest moment I can remember as a United fan was that performance against West Ham away the season before last. We went there with the chance of a top 4 spot well within our grasp, squealed around while their supporters attacked our bus and then went out a rolled over meekly to be bullied for the first 30 minutes. I’ve been disappointed with results or frustrated at performances before but in 30 years, I’ve never been so pissed off or disillusioned with our team. Today felt like vindication for that performance.”
– DoubleRevv

“Fantastic day of course and overall a great performance. Hat off to the boss for bringing in Matic and Lukaku who give us a completely different and much more stable look. Still there were a lot of unnecessary errors and sloppy passing/defending that might lead to troubles against stronger teams. West Ham were completely harmless.”
– Cnaiür urs Skiötha

“That was a physically strong West Ham squad and we absolutely battered them. They crumbled like that Arsenal side in the 8-2 game. It was also a West Ham squad that was upgraded. It’s hilarious that Joe Hart conceded four on his return to OT (Pogba’s goal very soft on his part, IMO) but Arnautovic is PL proven and Hernandez has some of the best movement of any modern centre forward. We shut them down completely to the extent that Chicharito got so annoyed he tried to become a number 10, which was funny to see. He’s about as useful in that position as jay spearing. West Ham will bully a lot of teams this season. We made them look like badminton players.”
– Arbitrium

“We seem to have that bit of match sharpness and the hard work of pre season has paid off today. Always great to beat West Ham. Guess well have a good idea of good we really are when we play a top six side.”
– royboy16

“I bloody love it when we beat West Ham!!”
– FC Ronaldo


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