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Tottenham share latest update of new stadium building work as team get set for Champions League at Wembley

Attention at Tottenham is on Wembley this week as their Champions League campaign begins with a gruelling clash against Bundelsiga giants Borussia Dortmund.

But ahead of that encounter, the club have shared the latest snap of the build of their new stadium is progressing.

The north London club are rebuilding their home on the site of the previous stadium, White Hart Lane. It is scheduled to be ready for next season.

When completed, capacity is expected to come in at an impressive 61, 559 and the venue will also double-up as an NFL arena.

The club have a 10-year agreement in place to host matches when teams travel across from the Atlantic and one of the unique features of the new stadium is the retractable pitch in place for each sport.

The retractable pitch will also be used to stage concerts.

In the meantime, Tottenham’s home matches are to be staged at Wembley with the latest Wednesday’s clash against Dortmund.

‘If we want to be seen as one of the best teams in Europe we have to perform on the big stage and the Champions League definitely is that,’ Tottenham striker Harry Kane said ahead of the match.

‘We have to try to improve and try to get better as a team and these are the games we all want to be playing in and winning – the big games on the big stage. We have to try to perform to our best and try to win.’


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