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Trials Abroad


The program is designed for talented/skilfull footballers/athletes who desire to measure their football/athletic abilities with those of current professional club or academy players abroad. Sportsmen selected for the program participate in specialized training and championship events. Trial camps are short in duration, but physically demanding, mentally challenging and highly competitive.  It’s a program that combines individual training, by a licensed (UEFA A, B or C) coach, and by specialized coaches of professional and amateur youth division clubs, with training and playing in club environment.

The Trial consists of several game practices and exercises
designed to show your range of ability, skills, speed, and athleticism. It is
aimed at giving players the opportunity to display their talent, and to obtain
an assessment of their potential from a Professional Coach. All participants
are graded and assessed by professional coaches. Players who prove immediately,
to have the exceptional skills and qualities necessary to succeed, will be put
forward to sign of Professional contract with the reserve team or the main team
depending on the requirement of the club/team.

To apply send the your CV/Video Clips and send answers to the following questions to info@sportandstudy.org

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