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Why Nigeria can’t produce top boxers — NBB of C

Nigeria Boxing Board of Control  president Rafiu Ladipo on Thursday lamented the state of the national boxing gymnasium, saying it was a “ramshackle’’.

Ladipo told the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos that unless something was done urgently, producing a home-grown world boxing champion would be a big task.

He said, “If you take a visit to the Brai Ayonote Boxing Gym at the National Stadium, Lagos, you will be disappointed, because it is in a sorry state where all that exist are punching bags and nothing else.

“We cannot compare our gym with  what they  have in the US or the UK where everything is top-notch that gives the boxer the opportunity to be a world-beater.

“In this regard, I have met with some notable philanthropists in the US such as the former world heavy weight champion Evander Holyfield, and he has promised to help out.

“I have also met with some notable individuals in the UK and they have promised to send down some world class training equipment soon.”

However, Ladipo  commended Nigerian boxing coaches for  producing  good boxers over the years.

The Nigeria Football Supporters’ Cub  chief added, “We can talk about Isaac Ekpo and Olanrewaju Durodola, just to mention a few home-grown and they have continued to do the nation proud.

“But to develop more talents we need to restructure our dilapidated gyms and produce the kind of boxers that can stand anywhere in the world.”


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