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Player Mgt

To be a truly successful athlete we understand the need to be in the best possible environment to achieve your personal goals. Hence, we provide sportsmen with exceptional management offerings. Our strategic partnerships with international and domestic clubs allow our players to receive exposure to several professional teams in Europe, Asia and North America.
We also negotiate the best possible contracts for our clients. We ensure that the contracts reflect our client’s personal needs and aspirations and we give ongoing support by monitoring and reviewing the contract terms as the player’s career progresses. Career planning and progression is amongst our highest priorities.

Signing a contract is just the beginning of the process for going to a new club. After a contract is signed we also assist with a player’s flights, visas, release forms and relocation needs to make the move as stress free and comfortable as possible. This may also include finding the right bank to join or as simple as finding the best mobile phone provider for the area, we leave no stone unturned.

Along with making the relocation of a player as simple as possible, we are also able to provide tax and legal advice through our professional partnerships to any players needing assistance.

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