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About Us

We are eager to give you best Education and Sports.

SportandStudy is a web portal designed to promote Education through Sport.

Research shows that less than 8% of amateurs end up as professionals, while a high number of young athletes lack the required skill set or knowledge for a career after sport.

Hence, we bridge the gap by providing opportunities for young sports persons to get educated while pursuing their dreams to become professional sports persons.

We understand the invaluable opportunities presented to youngsters through a sports and study, and have painstakingly created the platform tailored to suit their needs and purpose.

Our Mission

To initiates innovative sports and study programs that will benefits aspiring professionals and also offer post-sports career value to our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the number one platform that gives young sportsmen/footballers the opportunity to acquire relevant education/skill to advance their career and end up successful after their short playing/sporting career.

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