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Study Abroad

We offer full time study and sporting programme delivered by our partner institutions across the world that givesadvantages to applicants as the sport institutions offer some of the best educational opportunities with modern quality sporting facilities in a suitable environment.
Whether you’re looking at sport management, coaching, sport medicine, finance, sport psychology, sport nutrition etc. studying in our partner institutions abroad will greatly enhance your career prospects.

You will learn a new way of thinking, coaching, managing and playing, and gain experiences invaluable to your future.

We provide opportunities for talented sportsmen to gain admission to our partner sport institutions abroad. We use our expertise to guide and place applicants at sport schools/academies in different parts of the world.

Benefits of Studying Abroad:

  • Scholarship opportunities.
  • Internship with major sporting organizations and clubs.
  • Participation in inter-university games and competitions
  • Training with local club sides.
  • Attending trials and scouting programs.
  • Possibility of signing professionally contract before or after graduation.
  • International connections to help progress your career.
  • International employment options after graduation.

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