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Africa: Pre-Match Quotes – Equatorial Guinea Vs. Nigeria

I can boldly say we out of the tournament but concerning tomorrow’s fixture against Nigeria, we are going to honour it. As I always say we never give until the last blast of the whistle so we are preparing for the match.

My objective for this team is to secure the future. You have seen how the team performed in this tournament compared to the previous, they are different.

At first we were one of the forces in Africa but that’s not the case at the moment so my main aim for this team is to bring back the glory days.

Competition remains competition. I have much respect for Nigeria because they are a great football nation. No coach will go into a match expecting defeat so I accept to go onto the field and just give in for Nigeria to win the game. If they win, it is a plus for them.

Genoveva Anonman Nze (Forward, Equatorial Guinea):

We came for a competition and we are going to fight till the end. We are all aware that playing in the Women’s AFCON doesn’t come easy so we careless about the results of our opponents and that of us. We are here to play until the end.

I must establish that years are not the same. Every year has its characteristics. Since 2008 I worked hard with the team and I keep working hard.

It is quite unfortunate this year I don’t understand what went wrong. I would admit that this is a young team and they have a future. I hope that they keep learning to get to the apex.

I don’t believe we are intimidated by the names Nigeria are possessing because we also came here to play the tournament but we respect them since they are one of the best teams.

Thomas Dennerby (Head Coach, Nigeria):

We are not doing any changes. We are working on as we have done from the beginning. Going to training sessions to prepare the team, have pre and post match meetings and watch videos of the others so we know how to play and so on.

It just normal day at work. We keep going the same way we go everyday and try to do our best to secure the position as one of the teams from this group to progress to the semi-finals and that start with a victory against Equatorial Guinea tomorrow.

I am happy my team created a lot of scoring chances in our last game, it is the first step. Anyone who watched will agree that we should have probably scored more goals.

The only thing you can do is to work on it during training sessions and talk to the players how to find good techniques to score.

I guess there are some players who normally score when it comes to the important games. I hope we get that effect Equatorial Guinea tomorrow.

Rita Chikwelu (Captain, Nigeria):

Just like my coach indicated, we are preparing so hard ahead of the game against Equatorial Guinea and get the maximum points to qualify to the next round of the tournament from the group.

Of course we are giving Equatorial Guinea the maximum respect they deserve because they are two times champions. We are not underrating any team as far as this tournament is concerned.

We are going to do all it takes to play against them (Equatorial Guinea). It has never been easy facing Equatorial Guinea and we have prepared for that.

Yes some of us have won the tournament three times but some too haven’t won it. We try to keep the history of Nigeria winning it all the time. We will do everything possible to clinch the trophy once more.


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