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Austin MotoGP: Michelin: ‘A chance to show what we can do’

For the second time in as many MotoGP events, Michelin will face a modified track surface in Austin this weekend.

Previously, in Argentina, a partial resurfacing prompted a wider offering of front and rear tyre options. Ultimately, the tyres coped without major issue and it was changeable weather that caused more headaches.

In Texas, the pre-event question marks will be over the recent use of ‘industrial smoothing machines’ to grind away some of the bumps. However the tyre allocation will return to the standard soft, medium or hard for the front and rear slicks.

“This is another demanding track and one that deserves respect,” said Piero Taramasso, Manager of Michelin’s Two-Wheel Motorsport Group. “It has many aspects to it and we have to make a tyre that can cope with all the different turns, hard-braking zones and the challenge of the surface.

“The circuit has tried hard to get rid of the bumps that have been caused by other events using the track, so it will be very interesting and important for us to understand how this will affect the tyres.”

Circuit of the Americas is also one of the circuits where the previous generation of Bridgestone tyres still hold the official lap records and Michelin are eager to show they can do this weekend.

“CoTA is one of the circuits where we are determined to make improvements at, as we believe we have not demonstrated the true potential of our tyres around there, so we are looking for some positive results and a chance to show what we can do.”

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