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Beautiful Wives And Girlfriends Of Liverpool FC Players

The entire EFL and all the media are talking about one thing, and that is the fact Liverpool’s match against Lester City has ended in a draw. According to Liverpool head Coach Jürgen Klopp, a draw with Leicester City at Anfield is a fair result.

“I don’t think we’ve lost points. We have what we get – today we’ve got one point, and this is more than we had before the game began, so everything is in order of things. Am I happy? No, of course not, we are Liverpool, and we wanted to win, but we knew that it would be a difficult match, and then it snowed, which did not make our task easier.

“Nevertheless, we scored a fantastic goal, and immediately after that, we began to have our moments in which we lacked the last pass or an accurate strike, but this is nothing new; nothing awful came out of this game. But to break the defense of Leicester City, you need speed.

“Sometimes we didn’t have it, and I don’t know why, and sometimes we just couldn’t get through the opponent’s really compact defensive line. That is why we did not have many chances to increase the gap in the score, and then it became a draw.”

Despite the fact that Liverpool doesn’t seem to be in its best shape, there are still some things to rejoice at, like beautiful wives and girlfriends of Liverpool’s players. Today we will list some of them and talk about their relationships with their husbands

Liverpool’s striker Danny Ings played only 39 minutes for Liverpool in the English Premier League last season. The injury spoiled the entire year for the poor guy. Despite the fact that Danny has already recovered from a serious injury, he does not qualify for the main team of Jürgen Klopp.

In such a difficult situation, the English striker is supported by his beautiful girl Georgia Gibbs. The couple has been together for over a year, and the girl strongly supports her boyfriend. Recently, she even hinted that Danny did not intend to give up his teammates and leave Liverpool.

Georgia is a beautiful woman, and every man should strive towards finding a woman like her in one’s life.

The 26-year-old Liverpool footballer Roberto Firmino posted a photo via Instagram stories, demonstrating the amazing form in which he and his wife Larissa are. In the photo, the Firmino family is working out in a gym, and both look just great. This only shows how dedicated they are to keeping themselves in shape; I suppose this is the secret to the great results that Roberto has shown over the last year.

We remind you that Roberto met Larissa in 2013 in a nightclub. The couple’s wedding was played in 2016; they have two daughters – Bella and Valentine. Larissa works as a model and regularly pleases her followers on Instagram – she has 281,000 of them. By the way, while we are at it, go out and subscribe to her Instagram page. The Brazilian player has been a part of the Liverpool since 2015; during that time, he scored 50 goals and 40 assists in 145 matches.

Last summer was extremely intense for the player by the name Fabinho. Despite the fact that he did not go to the World Cup with the Brazilian national team, the player has done quite a lot in the past year.

The player managed to sign a contract with Liverpool, started his training, appeared in 15 matches, and, as a defensive midfielder, already scored a goal against Newcastle United. He was even praised by Jurgen Klopp who has said that Fabinho is on his way to greatness and is a new center-back option of the club. But he was not alone in this debut to the club but in the company of his spouse Rebeca Tavares.

The English press has long noticed the girl. She became the main “insider” of the entire negotiation process with the club, up to the signing of the contract. Lots of things about their relationship, her personal life, and the life of Liverpool can be found on her Instagram page. Oh, we’ve completely forgotten to mention that she is just charming, a very hot young woman; I am personally very jealous of Fabinho.

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