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Do High School Sports Affect Academics Negatively?

Do High School Sports Affect Academics Negatively?


High school sports have both positive and negative effects on the lives of the students who participate in them. Playing a sport is something that requires many hours of practice and dedication which can take away from other things such as persons studies. Because of the time needed to focus on a sport some students start to fall behind in their academics. The only way a student can focus on both school and sports is if a healthy balance is found between the two. When asked, one high school coach agreed with this struggle, saying “Playing a sport forces in-season athletes to manage their time better and create a balance, or they will not be able to really do either.”

Playing a sport does not have a complete negative affect, according to Laura Altobelli from livestrong.com “a commitment to school sports does not have to translate into compromised academic performance. Although these students often feel substantial pressure to perform both on the field and in the classroom.”  One problem with this pressure is that if a student favours sports over academics then they may not care if they start to fall behind. The counter to this is that students who begin to slack in academics should be penalized in their sport. One parent who agreed with this said that “a student should have to maintain certain grades in all their classes if they wish to participate in a sport and should not be allowed to play until the grade is brought back above the minimum requirement.”  The only problem with this is that a student may just be particularly bad in one subject and this could limit there playing time because it would be harder than their other classes for them to reach the minimum requirement. This is a realistic problem that can be seen when a student-athlete was asked about the penalization for low grades they responded with “That would be very unfair to a person like me since I am very bad at math and struggle with keeping a good grade in the class I would probably not be able to play field hockey for the school anymore.”

Some people also believe that the school should help students balance their sports and academics by offering extra tutors and time management classes during the busier seasons. This would be beneficial because it would help students not just now but also in the future since time management skills are something that you will need for the rest of your life. So at the end playing a sport can have a negative effect on a student’s academics but it is not guaranteed, it will only happen if the student cannot find a balance between the two.

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