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Early Open leader Stuart Manley calls former Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy “a horrible git”

Manley played football as a teenager and came up

Stuart Manley took the early clubhouse lead at the Open today – and then labelled his fellow Welshman Craig Bellamy “a horrible git”.

The world No.520 played football as a teenager before deciding to take a golf scholarship at West Florida University and then turning pro.

Manley, now 38, said: I played against Michael Owen , his position came up against my position, and Craig Bellamy a couple of times.

“I shouldn’t really say it, but he was a bit of a horrible git Bellamy. He was nasty. He was a horrible little… I was centre half, and he was a striker, I gave him a few kicks and he wasn’t happy. He was just like that all the time.Michael, I don’t remember very much about. I’ve got the program in the house. We were both very young.

“That actually was in Wales. It was like the county I played for. He played for like another Welsh county up in north Wales, I think it was Flintshire or something like that, and I was Mid Glamorgan. And it was the same with Craig Bellamy. I probably played against players that I didn’t realise at the time because of trials. When I played for Swansea for a couple of seasons and Cardiff, I don’t think there was any big names that made it to be honest.

“Some people say, I should have stayed, gone professional or whatever, but I deep down didn’t believe I was good enough. Nowhere near good enough. And I didn’t really enjoy it; I thought it was too much pressure. And I loved golf so much that I thought every time a game was canceled, I’d be like, great, I can go practice, play golf with my friends. I loved golf. I didn’t really like football. It just got too pressurised, you know? The enjoyment came out of. I think I was pushed into it too much.

“But I still follow football. I still to my local team. I see those guys running out on the pitch in front of a full stadium. I think that is pretty special, but I wouldn’t swap it for what I’m doing now.

“I don’t really have many favourite players anymore. Cardiff City is the team. I’ve always had a soft spot for Everton for some reason. But the players I don’t really care for much, it’s more the team.”

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