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Eastern European Football Training and Trial Opportunities

Is officially a Licensed Russian based Football Trials agency that run trial events and place players into Amateur, Semi-Pro and Professional football trials across Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other Eastern European Countries?

The Challenges

Players get hugely frustrated – sending CV’s and videos to clubs without getting opportunity for trials simply because clubs get so many of such CV’s. Sadly many clubs do not even consider any football trial applications coming directly from players.

Our Solution

For players without a strong professional club background, it’s unlikely a Premier league or Championship team will be interested in you. Hence, it’s essential for you to have these lower league opportunities at our Eastern European Football Training and Trial Program as a realistic entry level to begin your career in a Regional League, League 3, down to semi-professional level where you have the opportunity to work your way through to Top Leagues in Europe.

The Opportunities

By attending The 3 Months to 1 Year Training and Trial program, Players gets amazing Football Coaching and football training from UEFA qualified coach on a top quality, full size pitch.

Also, players get daily 2 hours training sessions were Professional Coach puts you through a top quality pro club style football training session to allow multiple scouts to assess your game with feedback sheet you can see where you are relatively strong and where you need to improve your game.

Weekly 90 minutes of match time showcase played on a full size pitch with Football Trials & pro club scouts watching. Trials decision and professional guidance on improving football technical ability, strength and conditioning, speed & agility, core stability, nutrition and how to self-assess your own game performance.

Our Service Offering

1. For football players, promoting professional career development, including club search and contract signing, legal and PR consulting.
2. Search and selection of semi-professional football player’s semi-professional football clubs to continue their career.
3. The range of our services is wide. We help football players to negotiate with clubs, given the many nuances: sports, financial, legal and others. Every player we work with is a member of our close-knit family. The agency provides him maximum assistance not only in football affairs, but also in solving household and personal issues so that the player can fully concentrate on his favourite business.

Players Financial Commitment

1. $500 for Club Invitation
2. S500 Club Registration Deposit before proceeding to the embassy for visa.
3. $1000 payment be made once visa is issued at the embassy.

The Fee above Covers 3 Months Training and Trial Programs with Accommodation. Excluding Feeding and Transportation.

Important Note

Payment is made directly to the Company’s account with signed contract agreement with Company’s lawyer and player’s representative to ensure guarantee of service delivery.

In Conclusion

Getting multiple European scouts to trial events who are all looking for players and giving you more time to impress in both a training and match scenario will give you the needed opportunity to get signed. The agency have built up a scouting network which covers a huge network of clubs in Eastern Europe as well as contacts in countries across the world. If you have any questions, we will always give you our truthful, honest advice and are always happy to help so please don’t hesitate to email us on info@sportandstudy.org, or call/whatsapp +2348034383061 for registration processing

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