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Football Management Course for Executive Leaders in Portugal

Portugal Football School launches second edition of the Football Management Course for Executive Leaders

The Portuguese Football Federation, through Portugal Football School, presents the second edition of the Football Management Course for Executive Leaders aimed to CEO’s, managers and officials from the most prominent national and international associations and football clubs.

The course will be held from May to December 2019 and it will bring to Portugal some of the most emblematic figures of sports leadership and international science to present the newest findings in various areas of study, such as governance, leadership, law and finance, innovation and entrepreneurship, digital media, branding and marketing, science and medicine will be lectured.

Football Management Course for Executive Leaders was developed by PFS in partnership with one of the most prestigious world educational and research institutions – Nova School of Business and Economics.

The Portugal Football School (PFS), launched in 2017, is part of the research and development unit of PFF and its main activities are research in Football, Futsal and Beach Soccer, as well as the education and training of the stakeholders with responsibility in the development and promotion of Football.
Thus, to achieve these purposes, several scientific research projects and educational and training programs have been carried out, focusing on the different areas related to the universe of this sport (coaches, referees, managers, players, physicians, nurses and physiotherapists).

The Football Management Course for Executive Leaders costs € 7500. Managers and executives registered in football confederations, national associations, leagues and clubs receive a 50% discount. The fee covers course materials, refreshments, daily lunches, receptions and the programme dinner unless mentioned otherwise. Please note that this fee does not include travel and accommodation. In order to guarantee their place in the course, participants who are accepted will have to pay a non-refundable registration fee corresponding to 10% of the course price within the period mentioned in the acceptance mail issued by the Portugal Football School. This amount will be deducted from the course tuition.

To register, Contact Sport and Study by requesting for an application form.

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