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Perisic deal hasn’t happened yet

When it came to Manchester United signing the Inter Milan winger, Ivan Perisic, the thought train was that if a deal was going to be done it would be done before the Croatian flew to China with the Italian club.
However, it would appear that despite best endeavours that hasn`t happened.

The very well respected news source, the Telegraph, is reporting that the two clubs failed to agree a transfer fee for the 28-year-old who is now part of the Inter Milan party touring the Far East.

However, in this age whereby e-mail and other IT technology is very accessible from all four corners of the globe, there is a chance that even though Manchester United are in the US and Inter Milan are in China, a deal could still be struck.

But how likely that is to happen we`re not sure.

Time to sit and wait and see if anything happens I guess!


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