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Sport Trials

In the last two years, our partner football agents and European scouts have provided opportunity for aspiring footballers / sportspersons to display their skills in front of football clubs and sporting directors from different European countries.

Our sport trials are held in different countries across Europe. During the trial program, players will have the privilege to display their skills in front of UEFA qualified coaches/ scouts and play in try out games against competing European opposition. Network of football agents, scouts and sporting directors are always in attendance to select exceptional young talents.

The goal of the trial programs are not only to provide sportsmen with the privilege to display their talents in front of stakeholders in the sporting industry, but also to afford players the opportunity to understand more about what is required to play abroad at semi-professional or professional level.

Playing abroad can be a great way to gain a foot on the professional ladder and begin a career in football or other sport of your choice.

Outcome of the trial programs are:

  • International Exposure
  • World class training facilities
  • Trial matches with other teams.
  • Training Wear Set (shorts, socks, football jersey)
  • Professional coaching by licensed coaches / trainers
  • Feeding and accommodation during trial period.
  • Full training program including football sessions, recovery and analysis sessions.

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