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Tottenham tactics: Llorente and teammates both need time to adjust

Tottenham fans expecting to see Fernando Llorente hit the ground firing at full speed were all being a bit too optimistic. The talented hitman is likely to become a success for Spurs, but it’s going to take some time before his acquisition starts to pay real dividends.

Unfortunately, the club’s fan base isn’t exactly known for patience. The Spanish striker is already on the defensive with the media. He’s openly asking for fans to cut him a little bit of slack. In particular, he’s citing his lack of preseason as an explanation for not looking terribly sharp in his last match against Barnsley.

Even if Llorente had enjoyed a full preseason, it was always going to take some time for him to integrate himself into the Spurs squad. You have to consider the fact that he plays a completely different style of football than his teammates are used to. Whereas Harry Kane torments defenders with his constant movement, Llorente serves as a huge threat by dominating opponents in the air.

For his part, Llorente will have to learn a trick or two from Kane. He can’t simply stand around like a statue and wait for balls to be played to him in the air. The prolific striker will likely run more for Spurs than he has for any other club in years. It’s definitely a big adjustment from his time at Swansea.

The adjustments aren’t all going to occur on Llorente’s side of the fence though. His teammates will also need some time to shape the way they play to take advantage of their new striker’s talents. The club’s attacking midfield will need to work on firing crosses into the box like never before. Once they do, they will see the true talents of Llorente on ful ldisplay.

The key point here is that Tottenham fans don’t need to start comparing Llorente to the likes of Vincent Janssen or Roberto Soldado yet. He’s a completely different animal. Give he and his teammates several months of time together before you really start to evaluate just how much of an impact he can have at Tottenham this season.


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