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West Ham will continue to consider insane transfer plan

You can never blame West Ham for failing to attempt the impossible. As evidence, the Hammers still are considering making a winter bid for William Carvalho despite the obvious hostility between West Ham ownership and the higher-ups at Sporting.

It appears that Slaven Bilic and company are emboldened by Carvalho’s continued desire to play for the Hammers. Reports claim that he was incensed to have his dream move scuppered this summer.

The failure to finalize a transfer has led to a bevy of juvenile insults between officials at both clubs. Feel free to conduct your own social media search to go through those sordid details. Instead, we’ll focus on West Ham’s future insanity here.

The idea that they can strike a deal with Sporting after all that’s happened is purely madness. Carvalho might have pictures of West Ham stars pinned up in his bedroom, but that doesn’t mean his club are going to give in to his wishes. At this point in time, Sporting would rather sell him to any other club in the world as opposed to dealing with the Hammers.

While I think Carvalho is a decent player, it’s not as if he’s one of a kind. He is an industrious midfielder who can provide a physical presence in the middle of the park. At best, he’d prove to be a slightly above average Premier League starter.

His modest potential means that West Ham should simply move on to another transfer target of his ilk. Europe is littered with big, physical midfielders who’d be interested in moving to the Premier League. Perhaps the Hammers should elect to bid for one who is owned by a club that they haven’t thoroughly insulted.

Crazy things happen all the time in football, but West Ham successfully signing William Carvalho would go down as one of the craziest. West Ham need to give up on their dreams of signing the Portuguese midfielder and focus on a more attainable target.


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